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Who We Are?

We are an innovative team of people. We have confidence in making brands ecstatically brilliant and enrapturing. Our rationality of doing things is to add faith of people to our clients' products or services . Our imagination and modern thoughts offer ascent to a greater form of the visualization process. Today, brands contact with individuals through umpteen ways of promoting mediums like TV, Radio, Print, Direct Marketing, Outdoor Advertising, Mobile, Social Media, Reality shows, email marketing and the list continues forever. With Brainy Waves, you can depend on us as what medium of connection runs well with your item classification.

Thinking caps

We wear different thinking caps. Stretch our minds and come up with great ideas.


Born in the year 2009 just with a logo designing. Now, we handle many projects.

Our Vision

To make sure that our brains are invented for advertising only.

Happy Clients

We neither understate or exaggerate. We just promote clients' USP and that makes them happy.

We are a group of professionals focused on making creative and innovative work.

  • Developing the step of better thoughts each time we reach you
  • Proposing the best promoting mediums
  • Pushing messages in a way that individuals understand that you are not guaranteeing the moon
  • Making big promises in a soft and customers' voice

We believe in the
power of detail.

We make sure that our advertising concepts are simple yet powerful. Ideas have no limits just like the sky. However, which idea performs better in a practical situation, needs to be understood. Simple yet creative doesn't mean that we offer flat-footed ideas. It means, we have the power to avoid the repetitive trends and make you striking from the crowd.

Why Brainy Waves?

Sometimes you may have tight deadlines and a zero hour time left. However, just try to calm down and take a small breather. Creativity and tension can't work together. Your customers can be disturbed even more if you work under pressure. They may attack on your results unexpectedly. It's time to come up with really new thoughts. Don't wait for the inspiration, just run after it. It's time to rely upon us, so you may look after your other important tasks. We write, design and promote your products or services within your specified deadlines.

Tight Deadlines

Creativity and Tension can't work together

Dissatisfied customers may feel bad

Brainy Waves is the solution


unlimited hours of works
numerous lines of codes
hungry for slices of pizza
cups of coffee make us fresh


Content Writing

Words need to be weighed not tallied. The sea of words is very large. If you give people the same products or services what you write in your promotional material, believe us, they will take all. They will multiply your users with their experience. We make sure that our writings are twenty-eight percent curiosity, two percent fancy speech and seventy percent facts.

Graphic Design

Win your clients and make strides with fascinating and captivating designs. Organizations' brochures, catalogues, handouts ( point of sales and point of displays), daily paper advertisements, and all such related stuff require a sharp understanding of outline and subjects. We do that with full enthusiasm and energy.

Product Packaging Design

Product packaging must be alluring, tricking, attractive and easy on the eyes. Individuals take choices quickly just in the wake of taking a gander at an item bundling. Deals go up and keep on growing over various years if packaging is carried out legitimately and winningly.

Logo Design

Logo talks everything about an organization. Therefore, it must be planned, designed and executed in a high-review and superfine way. We make sure that organizations' logos should be designed differently , so they get each fine opportunity to get perceived by individuals. We esteem the prime vitality of designing a logo and the same is constantly done with full energy and enthusiasm.

Making Cool Promotional Stuff

We design books, beautiful emails, menu cards, standees, outdoor boards and other such innovative cool stuff. We make sure that you sleep faster and wake up to do the next task because your competitors need your pillows. Our group of inventive experts are really knowledgeable in executing the new designs with the latest industry standards.

Web design, SEO and Social Media

We make user-friendly websites. Making a website is not what you all need.. It's promotion is also required. Social media is about making mindful recognition and sensibility about your brand. We know the cautious, compelling, careful and remindful ways to promote a brand. In this way, social promo, nowadays, is an unquestionable requirement for each brand. Simply let us know who you need to be and leave on to us.








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